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Feed Additives Authorisation Consortia



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Description: Description: premixReg. (EC) No 1831/2003 establishes the procedures for the placing on the market of feed additives. It includes provisions for the re-authorisation of previously authorised feed additives, allowing them to stay on the market provided the conditions quoted in Article 10 of the regulation are satisfied:

- notification of placing on the market of the authorised additives by the parties concerned before November 2004;

- check of the validity of the submission by EFSA (European Food Safety Authority);

- inclusion of the additives successfully notified in the EU Register of feed additives by the EC (EU reference list of authorised additives initially established in November 2005 and regularly updated since then);

- tabling of a complete authorisation dossier to EFSA and EC by November 2010 in order to obtain a regular 10-year authorisation;

- authorisation under Reg. (EC) No 1831/2003 for 10 years.

According to the Regulation, the previously authorised additives that were notified and included in the EU Register in 2004, shall undergo a complete re-authorisation process to stay on the EU market. The deadline for the submission of the re-authorisation dossiers was on 7th November 2010.

These dossiers were set up in line with the Guideline Reg. (EC) No 429/2008 whose preparation has seen FEFANA actively involved for several years together with the EC and EFSA.

Description: Description: silos IIIWhile the authorisation of feed additives subject to a holder-specific authorisation (zootechnical additives and GMO-derived ones) is generally well under control by the companies producing or placing them on the market, the situation of all additives subject to non-holder-specific authorisation (sometimes incorrectly referred to as “generic”) is more delicate. The authorisation is indeed a shared responsibility of all the operators that produce, use or place a certain additive on the market. In order to help its Membership, and industry in general, to provide the necessary coordination for the re-authorisation process, FEFANA established 11 Authorisation Consortia. Each consortium focuses on a specific group of feed additives, according to the need and priorities identified by FEFANA Members. Each Consortium includes different sub-groups that support specific additives under the scope of work of the Consortium they belong to. The established Consortia are also open to non-FEFANA members.

Close cooperation is in place with the European Commission, EFSA and EURL in order to streamline the process as much as possible. Beside the access to the vast know-how established within FEFANA over the years, the reduction of individual burden, the sharing of cost, the legal framework it provides for companies to cooperate, the close relationship with the EU bodies represent an important added value for Consortia members.

The Consortia for (re-)authorisation of feed additives is a success story, in which FEFANA facilitates the merge of resources within our industry. Through an efficient cooperation system, manufacturers and importers of feed additives were offered the opportunity to participate in FEFANA Consortia and jointly-prepare applications for the re-authorisation of additives of their interest. Via the Consortia, the operators shared data and costs for preparing their applications for re-authorisation of additives (e.g. reference samples, technical dossiers) to fulfil the legislative requirements for the marketing and the safe use of feed additives.

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