FEFANA asbl is the EU Association of Specialty Feed Ingredients and their Mixtures. It is a non-for-profit organisation according to the Belgian law. It was established on October 13th, 2004 and is the new juridical form of the feed additives producers association that was founded in 1963.

FEFANA has developed a strong base to serve the industry in many fields such as regulatory, research and policies. With a unique framework, the association is able to draw on the exceptional knowledge of its members, bringing together scientific and regulatory know-how.

Supported by approximately 100 member companies, the association is the only representation of the specialty feed ingredients industry at EU level. FEFANA has a positive reputation across Europe with key decision-makers, including the European Commission, European Parliament, EFSA and Member States' authorities. FEFANA also interacts with many other sectors of the feed and food chain, aiming to ensure that compound feeders, farmers, regulatory authorities, consumers, research organisations, journalists, and others are correctly informed about the use, safety and benefits of specialty feed ingredients.

The main activities of FEFANA include the following:

  • promote, defend and represent the common and general interests of the European industry of specialty feed ingredients;
  • promote the benefits and safety of specialty feed ingredients and their mixtures;
  • promote the scientific study and the development of specialty feed ingredients in Europe;
  • improve the understanding among the public and more particularly the users of these products;
  • maintain cooperative contact with EU and Member States authorities and other associations having related purposes; assure flows of information;
  • participate in the decision-making process of new legislation;
  • support a harmonised implementation of the legislation in place;
  • develop professional voluntary tools (codes of practice, etc.) that ensure the quality and the safety of specialty feed ingredients and their mixtures;
  • support FEFANA Members' effort for safe, cost effective products for food chain;
  • promote the sustainable development of livestock production by using specialty feed ingredients.