2015-11-15 - Symposium FEFANA-FFAC - Les arômes alimentaires sous pression (French version only) (by Philippe Caldier, pp. 12 and 13, La revue de l'alimentation animale, Nо 691, novembre 2015)
Une cinquantaine d'entreprises ont paгticipé аu symposium organisé раг le FFAC (Consoгtium pouг l'autorisation des arômes alimentaires) de la FEFANA (Association еurорéеппе des ingrédients alimentaires et de leuгs mélanges) autouг du thème "Arômes аlimепlаiгеs: l'iпdustriе à un саrrеfоur".
2015-01-05 - Article about FEFANA/FAMI-QS Secretary General's presentation on animal nutrition regulation in Europe and worldwide (in Russian)
Russian magazine "КОМБИКОРМА" (No 1 - 2015, has written and published a large summary about our Secretary General's presentation on feed and feed ingredient regulation and on the harmonisation of the legal framework in this sector. This presentation was done at the World Nutrition Forum in Munich, Germany from 15 to 18 October, 2014.


2014-12-15 - Convergence réglementaire en alimentation animale (in French)
French magazine "La Revue de l'Alimentation animale" (No 682 - December 2014) has published a short article about our Secretary General's presentation at the World Nutrition Forum 2014 held in Munich, Germany last October. The main topic of his presentation was the worldwide feed product regulation and harmonisation.
2014-04-14 - Feed Additives: Renewals of Current EU Authorisations Explained
Under Regulation (EC) 1831/2003, all feed additive authorisations are granted for 10 years (according to the procedure outlined in Article 14 of the Regulation) and permanent authorisations for feed additives in Europe no longer exist. Therefore, at the end of the 10-year period, authorisations need to be renewed. (This was reproduced with permission from Feedinfo News Service --


2013-10-22 - INTERVIEW: Assessing Zootechnical Feed Additives More Precisely (published by FeedInfo News Service)
At the recent 64th Annual Meeting of the EAAP (European Federation of Animal Science) in Nantes, France, a satellite session on the impact of feed additives on health and performance in livestock was held. (This was reproduced with permission from Feedinfo News Service --
2013-09-11 - INTERVIEW: FEFANA 50th anniversary (by Lucio Vernillo, Zootecnica International)
Interview with FEFANA President Marco Bruni regarding the main challenges of FEFANA in the last years, International activities beyond the EU, the last developments on genetics and breeding, FAMI-QS, and the short and medium-term objectives of the association for the future. English version here. (This was reproduced with permission from Zootecnica International --
2013-09-11 - INTERVISTA: 50° Anniversario FEFANA (by Lucio Vernillo, Zootecnica International)
Intervista al Presidente di FEFANA Marco Bruni sulle tappe salienti dell’evoluzione dell’associazione negli ultimi 50 anni, le attività principali negli ultimi dieci anni, attività a livello internazionale oltre i confini UE, FAMI-QS, sviluppi sulla genetica e l’allevamento, e gli obiettivi a breve e medio termine per FEFANA. Italian version here. (This was reproduced with permission from Zootecnica International --
2013-09-11 - PRESS RELEASE: FEFANA celebrates 50 years in business at SPACE (by Vincent ter Beek, World Poultry and Pig Progress)
Further harmonisation of Europe's comprehensive feed additive legislation will be, amongst other things, one of the major tasks for FEFANA in the years to come. (This was reproduced with permission from Pig Progress and World Poultry)
2013-09-10 - INTERVIEW: FEFANA - 50 ans fêté au SPACE (French version only) (by Philippe Caldier, Revue de l’alimentation animale)
Le Président de la FEFANA, M. Marco Bruni, et le Vice-Président du SYNPA, M. Géry Brussart, ont été interviewés au SPACE 2013 à Rennes. (This was reproduced with permission from Revue de l’alimentation animale)
2013-09-10 - INTERVIEW: Safety, regulations top concerns in EU specialty ingredient industry (by Jackie Roembke, Editor, Feed International November/December 2013)
FEFANA President, Marco Bruni, and FEFANA Secretary General, Didier Jans, discuss key regulatory issues and influential trends. (This was reproduced with permission from Feed International)
2013-09-10 - VIDEO: The state of the specialty feed ingredient industry in Europe (published by
Didier Jans, secretary general of FEFANA, shares his thoughts on the trends and issues shaping the specialty feed ingredient industry in Europe at SPACE 2013 in Rennes, France. (This was reproduced with permission from View video
2013-08-30 - FEFANA neemt kaap (Dutch version only) (by Jef Verhaeren, De Molenaar, August 2013)
De Europese additievenfederatie FEFANA bestaat vijftig jaar. Oprichters waren de diervoederadditievenfederaties van Frankrijk, Duitsland, Italië, Nederland en België. Intussen zijn er meerdere landen bijgekomen, is de structuur van FEFANA en de verhouding tot de nationale federaties aangepast en vertegenwoordigt de organisatie ook de producenten van voormengsels. (This was reproduced with permission from De Molenaar --