National network

FEFANA is headquartered in Brussels and liaises industry and European Competent Authorities. At National level within Europe, FEFANA works with a network of local organizations and associations.

The European network is organized in two different ways, depending on the country:

  • National associations: FEFANA and these local associations are partnering to represent the interest of the Specialty Feed Ingredients Industry in the country where the local association is based. Members of FEFANA willing to contribute to the local networking are encouraged to become members of these local associations too.

  • Local platforms: in some countries, FEFANA collaborates with local platforms which aim to organize activities at Member State level as well as networking with local stakeholders.

List of National Associations – Partners of FEFANA:

Netherlands (The)
United Kingdom

List of local platforms:

Austria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland.Belgium