Authorisation consortia

The Consortia for (re-)authorisation of feed additives – as per Article 10(2) of Regulation (EC) No 1831/2003 – is a success story, in which FEFANA has facilitated the uniting of resources within our industry.

Through an efficient cooperation system, manufacturers and importers of feed additives were offered the opportunity to participate in FEFANA Consortia and jointly prepare applications for re-authorisation of additives of their interest.

Via the Consortia, the operators shared data and costs for preparing their applications for re-authorisation of additives (e.g. reference samples, technical dossier) to fulfil the legislative requirements for the marketing and safe use of feed additives.

Consortia have also been formed for authorisation – as per Article 4 of the Feed Additive Regulation – for instance for the establishment of a new functional group of technological feed additives, the ’Hygiene Condition Enhancers’. Overall, FEFANA was responsible for the submission.

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