Evaluation of Regulation (EC) No 1831/2003

FEFANA welcomed the launch of the EU evaluation of the Feed Additives (FAs) Regulation (read more) and is determined to provide its full support and expertise for the proper development of this process. Indeed, FEFANA experts are periodically meeting in order to progress in a parallel appraisal of the functioning of the FAs Regulation. On the basis of the available information, the EC would be in a position to consider a recast of the legal text only in cases were valid grounds emerge from their study (in case of feed it is legitimate to assume that those grounds should be mostly related to feed safety). Also sound arguments related to EU trade/market disruption won’t be enough to justify a recast of a standing EU Regulation (which would be then deemed still “fit for its purpose”). The FEFANA group is committed to advance in its screening of the Regulation while classifying the different issues/articles as high or low in terms of importance for: safety, level playing field, innovation, harmonization, and update.

Next steps

FEFANA will continue to oversee the different steps of the EU evaluation process, making sure that all relevant aspects will be captured in the study whose outcome is expected to remove – to some extent – any substantial constraint on innovation in the feed chain. Results of this process will have to be weighed in the light of the evidence gathered within the period 2017-2018.

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