Feed additives in organic farming

Through the years, FEFANA has continually monitored all relevant EU debates (read more). Ad-hoc meetings have been carried out with authorities and inputs have been provided directly (e.g. on alignment with SFIs legislation). Via their specific task-forces first, and Expert Group later, FEFANA experts have contributed to the development of the template documents relevant to introduce an application for inclusion in the positive list of additives suitable for organic production; and established a constructive “communication line” with the relevant EU Institutions and stakeholders.

Next steps

The EU Commission is continually working on updating the implementing regulations. Simultaneously, FEFANA has started an exercise aiming at investigating the possibility of highlighting feed additives compatible with the organic regulation directly within the Community Register of Feed Additives. Goal of FEFANA is to provide business operators with a reliable and user-friendly tool where relevant information on products suitable for organic production can be at users’ disposal. The results of this activity should be presented in 2018.

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