07/07/2017 - Press release

Agri-food chain coalition launches statement on the future EU common agricultural policy (CAP)

The AFCC coalition of 13 leading industry associations across the agri-food chain, including FEFANA, has made a statement on CAP lately.

26/06/2017 - Press release

Third update of the EU catalogue of feed materials: further clarity on fermented feed products

FEFANA and its Member companies contributed actively to the third update of the EU catalogue of feed materials which is the result of a constructive dialogue with feed chain partners who are members of the EU Feed Chain Task Force on the Catalogue of Feed Materials, coordinated by FEFAC, COPA-COGECA and CEFS.

02/06/2017 - Press release

Launch of international cooperation for convergence of technical requirements for the assessment of feed ingredients

The first Steering Group meeting of the Global Convergence Project took place in Brussels in May 2017. Representatives of the jurisdictions of CA, EU and USA as well as representatives of industry trade associations ANAC, FEFANA and AFIA officially launched the International Cooperation for Convergence of Technical Requirements for the Assessment of Feed Ingredients.


Specialty Feed

Much of the nutrition of farm animals is based on maize, wheat and soybean meal. To ensure the animals get all the essential nutrients they need, specialty feed ingredients are often needed. They contribute to efficient, affordable and appropriate animal nutrition supporting animal health and well-being.


89.08 Bovines

Source: Eurostat


Source: Eurostat

99,880,000sheep and goats

Source: Eurostat

FEFANA is the united voice of the specialty feed ingredients business in Europe where the industry generates an annual turnover of 5 billion EUR.

FEFANA membership comprises manufacturers and traders of feed additives, functional feed ingredients, premixes and other mixtures of specialty ingredients.

Centred in the heart of Brussels, FEFANA facilitates the dialogue between EU institutions and feed business operators while promoting feed and food safety and a fair and competitive market.