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The safety of feed for the animals and human consumption is paramount. Specialty ingredients are key to ensuring the safety of animal feed.

What the specialty feed ingredients industry offers today

  • Ability to handle ingredients safely and professionally, particularly those requiring specific care


  • In-depth safety assessment of feed additives as a prerequisite for market authorisation


  • Experience in developing robust feed safety management systems


  • Expertise in manufacture and delivery of high quality, homogeneous and easy-to-use feeds

How the specialty feed ingredients industry can shape the future

  • Capacity building by driving the continued improvement of knowledge on feed safety risks and technology implementation in the feed sector


  • Optimising risk management along the chain, thereby facilitating the detection of contamination at the earliest possible stage
  • Cooperating with control authorities to create the most efficient and cost-effective control systems, by e.g. exchanging information between private and public stakeholders


  • Self-regulation through the development of a feed chain that contributes to animal well-being, food safety and sustainability

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