General Assembly

The General Assembly (AGM) is the main decision-making body within the association. It meets once a year to approve the financial statements and the budget and to elect the members of the Board of Directors. It is also empowered to decide on modifications to the FEFANA bylaws.


The FEFANA Board is made up of max. 10 elected Directors. The Board of Directors has the powers to administer and manage the association, including delegation of management to the Secretary General.

Strategic Thrust Groups

Strategic Thrust Groups are composed of FEFANA Members’ experts and are responsible for the implementation of activities to achieve strategic objectives agreed upon by the General Assembly.

These objectives are usually long-term and the groups have no predetermined time frame.

List of Strategic Thrust Groups:


  • Global Outreach of the SFI industry
  • Fair Competition and Transparency in Regulatory Process
  • Harmonised Implementation

Operational Expert Groups

Operational Expert Groups are composed of FEFANA Members’ experts. These Experts Groups are established to provide inputs for FEFANA positioning on specific scientific and/or regulatory topics to be addressed within a predetermined time frame. The list of existing operational Expert Groups is available only to FEFANA Members.

National Network

Our national partners are the FEFANA first liaise with local competent authorities and stakeholders.

Within the individual Member States, the national organisation partner with FEFANA represents the local interests of the Specialty Feed Ingredients Industry. FEFANA Member companies are encouraged to contribute to the local networking organisation, in countries where they are present.


The FEFANA Team is based in Brussels.

They support the work of the experts groups and provide the relevant services to the FEFANA Members. In addition, FEFANA permanent staff also assists with the work of national network organisations in some cases.


Board of Directors 2020-2021


Séverine Deschandelliers
FEFANA President

Joerg Schneider
FEFANA Vice President

Thomas Hoops
FEFANA Board Member

Elise Catusse
FEFANA Board Member

Sigrid Pasteiner
FEFANA Treasurer

Irene Quintana
FEFANA Board Member

Bernadette Okeke
FEFANA Board Member

Jesper Packert Pedersen
FEFANA Board Member

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