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Carotenoids authorisation consortium

The purpose of the FEFANA “Carotenoids Authorisation Consortium” – FEFANA CARAC in short – is  to establish co-operation among interested parties in order to apply for the authorization of feed additives of common interest in line with the provisions of Reg. (EC) No 1831/2003 (Article 10). The Consortium also seeks non-holder-specific authorisation for feed additives not previously authorised under the EU legislation if so decided by the Members.


FEFANA CARAC’s activities aim at achieving the following:


  • to develop common understanding on the details of the information necessary to achieve the authorisations;
  • to collect and review existing scientific data;
  • to commission and manage the implementation of new studies as required by the EU assessment procedures;
  • to gather industrial data necessary to achieve the authorisation goal;
  • to develop common authorisation dossiers (or part of);
  • to submit application in name of the grouping and act as a contact and negotiation interface with the EU authorities in the course of the authorisation process.


The interest of FEFANA CARAC is limited to the group of additives classified in Category “2” (Sensory Additives)Functional Group “a” (colorants) (ii) and (iii), as defined under Annex I of Reg. (EC) No 1831/2003, and more specifically to the list of feed additives the Consortium members agreed to jointly work on. The selection of the feed additives included into this list was based on a set of criteria which are detailed in the Consortium’s code of internal rules. FEFANA CARAC does not work on additives that are not included in its own working list.


Within the limits established by the Belgian law as well as other applicable competition laws not limited to the legislation of the European Community, the FEFANA CARAC may also carry out other activities necessary to facilitate the achievement of its goals.


For more information, please contact FEFANA Secretariat.






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